In school my friends and relatives often teased me and they still do that I always found anyone and everyone beautiful. As an image consultant now, I truly and firmly believe that each one of us is special, each one unique and beautiful in his or her own way. No matter what shape, size and features you possess there is no one like you and therefore it becomes necessary to celebrate the Almighty’s special creation – “You”.

Some fundamental questions that cloud our mind – “Is image management for me?” “I wish I was slimmer.” “I wish my nose was straight.” “I wish I was taller.” And the list is endless. Remember, there is a difference between good looks and looking good – Looks are genetic but how you project yourself is certainly in your hands – so why not project a wonderful appearance all the time – it’s a way of expressing gratitude for our existence.

So is image management just dressing up? – well no – it starts first with the heart and the intent – if I believe that I am a precious person I will go all out to project my image accordingly – it’s equally important to achieve a harmony between your inner and outer self so that there is an absolute resonance. What comes through then, is the true “You” – a confident, happy, genuine person extremely comfortable in your own skin, projecting an image that is harmonious to your roles, goals and blends easily with your cultural background. And you still stand out in the crowd making a definite mark in this world.

Life is a journey and every day comes to us just once – so let’s take our life “One day at a time” as we embark on the journey of Image building. And through this blog let’s address all those aspects that we need to introspect, correct and build to bring out the best in you.

As the saying goes – When you write the story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold the pen!