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Panacea called Funding

I have huge respect for all start-ups for a simple reason that to back your own instinct and to put it in action requires courage! I have always had a privilege to mingle with the start-up entrepreneurs in some form or another. Today while talking to someone from the community, the person commented that the [...]

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Systemic Leadership Team Coaching

Airports are regularly becoming my learning spots. Its just amazing to meet a diverse set of people and chat with them just about anything! A few days ago, I was sitting across a gentleman who looked in his late fifties .. a quiet kind of a guy. It turned out that he was into agricultural [...]

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Emotions are essential for excellence

I have been on the seminar speaker circuit for over a decade and that’s normal if you have spent couple of decades in the industry and love to speak! I do prepare for each of my speaker slots and even for a panel discussion I do carry good old styled chit with points written on [...]

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Unlocking Human Capital

Childhood stories have a habit of lingering in your own mind… As I write this blog a story I read as a child comes to my mind… Once upon a time there was a merchant who used to travel long distances alone for his trade. He used to wander across the places, meet people and [...]

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