Organization communicates its purpose and value system through its brand. However, customers feel the brand through their touch-points – many a times by their interactions with the employees. When an image projected by an employee is congruent to the intent of the organization, there is a customer delight.

Harmony Methodology

It is essential to make people aware about the importance of projecting an image that is in congruence to the business and ethos of the organization.

However, it is easier said than done as each individual is unique and observable image is a function of many factors as depicted in the image below:

Our aim is to address four basic foundation blocks of image so than an appropriate image is presented to represent the brand:

  • Need Clarification
  • Myths clarification
  • Relevant inputs on overall image
  • Commitment to act

Need clarification:

The foremost barrier to image management and change is lack of need. The opening session deals with the most important question – ‘Why do I need this at all?’

Typical blocks to acceptance of need could be:

“I am good at my job, why do I need to work on my image?”…. “I have been brought up with the belief that pay more attention to your knowledge and not your looks” ….. “I am a technical person and why should I bother about this? Perhaps sales & marketing people should focus on this” … and many more.

The session deals with getting to a common ground and the way forward.

Myths clarification:

Even if the need is established, there are lots of myths about image management that need to be cleared before moving forward to the core of image management

Typical myths could be:

“I would not be myself if I work on my image” …. “I would lose my own style / identity if I follow standard principles (Well – I may lose my cool quotient!) … “This would be beyond my budget” ….”Being conscious about it will put some additional burden on me”…..and many more

The session aims to bring all apprehensions to the table, and go through the core subject to clarify them.

(Both the building blocks are covered under Relevance of Image Management in the one-day workshop)

Relevant inputs on overall Image

This forms the core of the workshop. The design of each workshop is highly customized and in accordance with the need of the organization.

Commitment to act:

Based on the inputs received during the day, participants are encouraged to draw their own action plans in terms of the need they feel, actions they need to do and timelines.