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Goal setting for results

  • Involves goal-setting exercise based on the strategy and the budget of the organization.
  • Interdependencies are clearly defined and converted into measurable goals.
  • “Trump card” – workshop to ensure the accountability of goals taken by individuals.

STAR – Strategy for Talent Acquisition & Retention:

  • Creating “Employee Value Proposition” in consultation with business as well as HR team to sharpen the employer brand.
  • Creating talent acquisition champions.
  • Creation of Leadership Dashboard – process of identification of development of leadership pipeline.
  • Simplification of Appraisal process and roll-outs.
  • Executive compensation strategy.
  • Building workforce engagement and culture of feedback.
Harmony Consultants | HR - STAR
Harmony Consultants | HR - Growth

People practices for Profitability enhancement

  • Audit of existing policy and process framework on predefined parameters.
  • Menu list of possible options to enhance profitability and finalization of plan based on “sensitivity analysis”.
  • Creation of roll-out plan and communication pack for workforce optimization.

HRM Design

Harmony Consultants | HRM Design



Model of ‘HRM Design’ would be used as a guideline for the scope of work. The model is based on three pillars viz. Leadership, Systems & Processes and People. The related imperatives and interventions to work upon are depicted in the diagram below showing the concept of ‘HRM Design’.


As-is study will be done with leadership team on calls / meetings on one-on-one basis. Current policies and process will be studied as per the available documents and in consultation with HR function. For employees, the As-is study will be done using Appreciative inquiry workshops. These workshops though designed for diagnostics, also generate a positive feelings amongst employees towards the organization.

The deliverables for all the interventions will be finalized in consultation with the leadership team. Project plan with milestones to be achieved will be drawn in consultation with leadership team. During the design finalization various options will be discussed in terms for journey towards Employer of Choice eg: tools to be used for diagnostic and improvement plans that can lead to ‘Employer of Choice’. As an integrated model, many of the interventions will start simultaneously.

To establish HR interventions to lead an Organization for a journey towards being an Employer of choice.