Image is “YOU” in the minds of people. A picture that stays in our mind about the person we meet. There are some people we get instantly connected to and some that we are hesitant to approach. What exactly happens? Right from our childhood we have certain notions about what is good, bad, ugly, secure, insecure, safe and so on. We analyze people based on these parameters unknowingly therefore when we meet a person especially for the first time, in split seconds we have automatically created an impression about the other person. Hence there are some whom we find comfort with or connect with easily. Think about this – there are so many people we meet everyday professionally and socially – when would a person invest in a relationship with us – it’s when he trusts us completely. And the trust stems from the fact that he needs to have the connect and comfort with our persona. It’s when we have created the right impression on his mind.

Research says a first impression is formed in 3 to 30 seconds of meeting a person. What exactly do we see in these few seconds – We see his/ her Appearance which involves how he looks, how he acts and how he interacts.

And Appearance is the other word for “Image”

Image is all that an individual projects consciously or unconsciously—the way you look, and carry yourself, your personal style, poise, and presence.  It’s part of who you are.

The elements of Image or Appearance include clothing, grooming, and body language including etiquette.  They function as visual, non-verbal communicators. They are constantly sending out messages to the others and therefore the onus and the responsibility rests on our shoulders how to utilize these elements effectively to project a powerful, confident image.

“You cannot climb the ladder of success dressed in the costume of failure.”

– Zig Ziglar

Just as actors change their “look” and adapt themselves to the different roles they play on screen, in life, we too play different roles in our professional and personal lives and hence we too have to change the “look” according to the role we enact.

Image Consulting is the process of creating a positive Image. A journey wherein you first acknowledge and work on your self image – your inner image and then on the outer image to create a harmony between the two. A process that you need to enjoy too as you create a “Brand U”.