Simply defined, Matrix is the grid-like organization structure that allows an organization to address multiple business dimensions using multiple command structures.

To address the complex requirements of businesses that are spread out globally, organizations have adopted Matrix design. While Matrix design helps an organization to scale rapidly, it can create confusion in the minds of the managers working in Matrix organization. Symptoms of this confusion are commonly manifested as :

  • Leaders getting pulled in different directions by their bosses in Matrix creating an acute frustration
  • Decisions seem to take eternal time
  • Lines of authority not clear which gives a feeling of lack of direction
  • Exhaustion caused by information overload

Is it possible to fine-tune the leadership approach to actually enjoy the benefit of Matrix organization at an individual level? Drawing upon the research available on Matrix organizations and leadership expertise in managing the Matrix, Harmony consultants has designed a Group-coaching workshop which walks participants through the maze of matrix and helps them walk away with a specific action plan using simple tools.

Currently this approach is adopted by one of the Global Leaders in Agriculture & Engineering Technology. Harmony Consultants is involved in Group Coaching key leaders across its operations in India.

These workshops are led by Yogesh who himself has held leadership positions in globally spread Matrix organizations. More importantly he considers himself a “beneficiary of Matrix”. The methodology involves Group Coaching Exercise which leads to a specific action plan for each participant. The Group Coaching exercise is then followed with three support sessions for each participant.