What is a Personal Brand?

It’s what people say about you when you are not in the room – Jeff Bezos

It’s the art of investing in you. With a world that sits on the edge of a cut throat competition, where you often find people with similar skills, background and opportunities, how then will you stand out in the crowd and leave a mark to reckon with. It’s when you invest in yourself and develop your own Brand – “A Personal Brand.”

Each individual is unique with his/ her share of strengths and weaknesses. Whilst we acknowledge our weaknesses, we bank on our strengths to make it our USP. And it is not restricted to our skills alone. It’s the persona that we project and therefore it becomes imperative to develop a powerful personal brand. To accomplish this, there are definitive actions that need to be taken.

Personal Consultation – A one on one interaction helps to precisely develop your personal brand.

Self Image Analysis – A need analysis to evaluate the current status of the Image of the client through Perception Gap Assessment & Appearance Management Assessment.

Clothing forms an integral part of your appearance. It’s what people instantly notice and it contributes in creating the first impression. Looking appropriate to the role you play is one of the most important skills in today’s competitive world. In this session your lifestyle activities, your clothing values / needs would be evaluated and a plan will be recommended to allot suitable budget for your clothing requirements. You will learn the art of clothing and the different messages that clothes communicate. The International Style Scale will help you gain clarity on Appropriate dressing – when to wear what and clear your confusion on formals (business professional), business casuals and casuals.
Dressing as per your body shape results in an attractive Image. You know where the variation lies and how to camouflage it effectively. In this session your body shape will be evaluated and you will be taught countering/ repetition techniques to enhance your body shape. Consequently, you will be projecting an ideal figure and an attractive appearance at all times.
Which color looks good on me is an eternal question you are faced with when you go shopping. Color harmony in dressing is essential for an attractive look. Your Personal Colors and fashion colors will be evaluated and you will be recommended various color schemes which best suit you.
You look your best when you are true to your core, when you are real and do not imitate anyone and when you believe in what you wear. That’s the first step in setting your Personal Style. In this session, discovering & refining your Personal style through the expert guidance would enable you to dress ‘Authentic’, true to your values, traits & goals. It’s when you achieve a harmony between your inner and outer self that a resonance is achieved thereby making you comfortable and confident with your new style.
A common occurrence that happens with each one of us – you are late for a meeting, and you open your wardrobe, the clothes are literally falling down and you still are faced with this fundamental question “ I have nothing to wear today”. A simple evaluation of your wardrobe to understand what works for you and what does not will help you sort out your days and weeks and save precious time.
A smart way of dressing is through clusters. They enable you to create a variety of looks with lesser garments. It’s the art of creating multiple outfits using minimum clothes.
Most of the businesses today are done over lunch and dinner. Yet sometimes we are apprehensive, awkward and unsure about our dining etiquette. You will learn the international fine dining etiquette apart from business etiquette so that you can handle professional situations with ease and confidence no matter which part of the world you are in.
Use of accessories and makeup – Essentially for women clients, you will know how to effectively accessorize your outfits, keeping in mind your face shape and your personal style. In the makeup session, you will know the application of day and evening makeup in addition to personal grooming, skin and hair care.
One on One Consulting Comprehensive Package includes all the services listed above and a Quick Reference guide.
One on One Consulting Brief Package includes Image Scope, Abridged version of the session ‘Look the Part’, quick analysis of body shape, face shape and personal color recommendations and a Quick Reference guide.

Costly thy habit as thy purse can buy,

But not expressed in fancy—rich, not gaudy,

For the apparel oft proclaims the man

– Shakeaspeare, HAMLET

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Source: ICBI