“Everybody has accepted by now that change is unavoidable. But that still implies that change is like death and taxes — it should be postponed as long as possible and no change would be vastly preferable. But in a period of upheaval, such as the one we are living in, change is the norm.”

— Peter Drucker

Management Challenges for the 21st Century (1999)

“People don’t resist change. They resist being changed!”

— Peter Senge

The above two quotes by the masters read together is perhaps hold key to the challenges of change. When change is thrust upon people, especially leaders – they ensure everything in their capacity to slow it down / resist it.

Would it be possible to actually appreciate change? Understanding change and creating an action plan to drive the change rather than being driven by the change is the key. Harmony Consultants uses a methodology that facilitates co-creation of change by leaders coming together as a team. During the workshop, leaders identify the need for change, the agenda of change and devise initiatives to lead the change.

The workshop leads to meaningful initiatives designed and owned by leaders followed by support processes like individual coaching sessions and co-creation of cultural pillars to support the change.

Industry leaders in the area of BFSI, Telecom and IT have been beneficiaries of these workshops that have helped them to involve leaders in leading the change rather than resisting it.