Harmony Consultants | Ganesh

Ganesh Natarajan
Vice Chairman & CEO,
Zensar Technologies

The biggest thing going for Harmony Consultants is the harmony and synergy that exists between the founders. Yogesh has proven skills in Leadership Development Organisation Building and Coaching and Pallavi is doing tremendous work in Image and Personality Development. Working in harmony, the music they produce for client organisations will be nothing less than a wonderful symphony. I wish you all the best for great success.

Harmony Consultants | Hiren Kulkarni

Hiren Kulkarni
Infinx Services

Infinx engaged Mrs. Pallavi Patgaonkar to train its associates on personality development and customer communication. The workshop was conducted across 3 locations. The training was informative and engaging throughout. The trainer gave detailed information with relevant examples on each module of Image Management. It is clear that when it comes to image management, it is either make or break. The associates are now better prepared in dealing with our customers. We are happy that we engaged Mrs. Pallavi Patgaonkar of Harmony consultants for this workshop.

Harmony Consultants | Sudarshan Ravi

Sudarshan Ravi
Founder and CEO,

Yogesh is authentic and a brilliant coach. He helped me discover and find the answers within. The session stayed with me and I look for my strength areas and focus on maximizing that.

Harmony Consultants | Rishabh Parakh

Rishab Parakh
Chartered Accountant and Chief Gardner,
Money Plant Consultancy

The best testament to his coaching style I must say is that he constantly ask questions and possess exceptional listening ability. He encourages you to talk through the challenges we all face but are afraid to discuss in open. Then he provides his perspective and never advise but counsel which really helps you to unearth the solutions within you. Yogesh is professional, thoughtful, experienced, grounded and real and I would highly recommend his professional coaching services to one and all.

Harmony Consultants | Balasubramani

V Balasubramanian
President – ATM Business Unit,

FSS with an aspiration of being a technology leader in the payments industry , wanted to build its second line leadership team who could scale up to meet aggressive growth demands. We were looking at a coach who understands technology & business , to help us guide the leadership team. Yogesh is doing an excellent job of coaching our 10 managers, who in turn is transforming FSS to meet growing demands of Industry.

Harmony Consultants

Kirit Shah
CIO with a leading retail chain,

I have known Yogesh for close to a decade now and first interacted with him in his sales role in my capacity as CIO of one of the leading Retail Chains in UAE. He is a deeply rooted HR person… He cares for people… He lives for people .. with degree of simplicity and openness. He loves experimenting for the betterment of people. We interacted a lot during his journey as a coach… I could see the amount of passion he showed during these conversations… I used to wonder how much a person can love his vision… His strive for excellence was unimaginable… at the same time practical approach to an issue and simplifying it to the core… are really the God gifts…

Harmony Consultants

Dr. Arvind Agarwal

I have worked with Yogesh for nearly ten years. During these years, have experienced him to be enterprising professional with versatile interest and capabilities who has rare experience of running sales, P&L as well as human resource function at the leadership level besides taking plunge at doing own business early in his career. He has great connect with people at all levels, understands dynamics of the business and comes up with practical ways of dealing with real time business challenges. Very creative with equally great passion and commitment to making things happen. It has always been pleasure to work with Yogesh.

Harmony Consultants | Sonya Singh

Ms. Sonya Singh

I have known Pallavi from the last 14 years as a professional and at a personal level. It is my belief that personal integrity and attitude go a long way in defining your success professionally. Pallavi has exceptional leadership skills that blend integrity, humility and a positive attitude that will make her and her team succeed in any sphere of work or life.
She grew in SIEC from the position of a Branch Manager to Marketing head with a short stint in HR. Her adaptability in every role was evident and she leads from the front. Her entrepreneur skills contributed to the growth and direction of SIEC.
I wish her the very best in her new venture and am confident that she will shine once again.

Harmony Consultants | Yusuf Lanewala

Yusuf Lanewala
Chairman & MD,

Mindteck engaged Harmony Consultants for HR Advisory services in the areas of Leadership Goal Setting and Key process review. As a part of assignment Yogesh conducted a two-day workshop with top management of Mindteck to finalize the leadership KRAs in congruence to business needs. He did an excellent job in bringing out and resolving key issues and conflicts in dialogue with the management team to finalize the Goals.